Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am again in another apron swap. I think it is so fun, you get to make something for someone you don't know and she will end up really happy. So cool! Well I finished it today. It turned out really cute. A Christmas cookie apron swap. You are suppose to send a cookie cutter your favorite cookie recipe-I am going to send my mothers Sugar Cookie recipe. It is by far the best sugar cookie recipe I have ever had, and once she tries it I think she will agree. I have only found one lady that made cookies like moms ever and it really made me smile when I bit into it. She brought Decorated Sugar Cookies into the Dr's office I worked for and I couldn't believe they tasted like moms. Well once I put the apron in the mail I will put the pictures up on my site. Maybe by Wends. or Thurs.
Everyone have a great thanksgiving and happy Fall!
Love Patty

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Crystal said...

I tagged you on my blog! It's a thing where you post 7 random things about yourself, so others can get to know you :-)