Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sassy Winter Apron Swap

I am trying to get caught up on posting things onto my Blog. I have been busy and I am having a hard time getting everything I need done. I received my apron earlier this week it came while I was at work and sent a thank you to my partner the next morning when I had a few minutes. I got my Sassy Winter Apron a gingerbread man cookie cutter and recipe for the best gingerbread cookies ever. I must make some cookies for my family!!! Well here is my christmas apron I am very pleased I didn't have a christmas apron, it is really sweet a half apron that has pleats across the front very sassy!!! Thanks so much I can't wait to use it.....

Hot Mamas Apron Swap - The apron I got!

I have not posted the apron I received for the Hot Mamas - Hot beverage Apron Swap so here it is I love it! It is from the book A is for Apron which I had to go get because the apron was so cute. I got it from Crystal and she has only been making aprons for a few months so she did a amazing job. I love it, it reminds me of the dress I had when I was a little girl and the coffee cups were way too cute. I loved how she combined the checks and prints and the cups she put on the pockets. I must use this pattern to make more aprons I love how it fits and looks! Thank you again so much for a fantastic apron!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sassy winter Apron Swap

Well Here is the Apron I sent off for the Sassy Winter Apron Swap on Monday right at the deadline! I tried to go to the post office on Saturday and missed it by a hour. Oopps!!!! I hope my partner likes it I sent a snowflake cookie cutter my moms Sugar cookie recipe (wonderful) a snowman figurine and a Christmas cookie cookbook. I went with the snowflake and snowman theme because she lives in California and it doesn't snow there! I grew up in California and had to move to North Carolina to have snowy winters. I hope I hear back from my partner I really enjoyed putting this apron together I made one side snowmen and the other snowflakes, I hope she likes it.......

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am again in another apron swap. I think it is so fun, you get to make something for someone you don't know and she will end up really happy. So cool! Well I finished it today. It turned out really cute. A Christmas cookie apron swap. You are suppose to send a cookie cutter your favorite cookie recipe-I am going to send my mothers Sugar Cookie recipe. It is by far the best sugar cookie recipe I have ever had, and once she tries it I think she will agree. I have only found one lady that made cookies like moms ever and it really made me smile when I bit into it. She brought Decorated Sugar Cookies into the Dr's office I worked for and I couldn't believe they tasted like moms. Well once I put the apron in the mail I will put the pictures up on my site. Maybe by Wends. or Thurs.
Everyone have a great thanksgiving and happy Fall!
Love Patty

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hot Mamas Apron swap

Well I sent off the Hot Mamas Apron and I am quite proud of it I think it turned out really well. Yaah I know it has been a while. I have been a little distracted with Halloween, Becky's 17th birthday, and my new job it is just a bit different from anything I have ever done and I am confused so often. I have to solute all call center operators, my friends that sit around me say I sound like I am so calm I guess it is like when you are up against a teenage boy or girl you show no fear no matter what....
So here is the apron I sent to my partner.....
I also sent different coffees a coffee mug cozy I knitted with a jack-o-lantern on one side and boo on the other and some trick or treat candy.
I hope she liked it - I really enjoyed making it for her....

Friday, October 17, 2008

Japaneese Knot Bags

I found a cool pattern on the web I have made 3 bags one for me one for Becky and one for a prize I still need to finish another bag for the other prize it is cut out I just have to sew it together. A Strand of Purls, my favorite yarn shop is having a Halloween get party, I have to work so I wont be there. It is the last day of my training so its OK. I use my bag for a knitting bag Becky wants to use hers for a purse. The bag was easy to do once I figured it out. As par with me I didn't follow the directions the first time and confused myself a lot. Seam rippers are a great thing. I think sewing for 35 plus years sometimes hurt me......... well anyway here they are, I think they are cute! The web address for the pattern and directions is ( I was thinking about enlarging the pattern to make a bigger bag I will have to try that later.

Hot Mamas apron.......

I have finished making one of the little presents for the gift portion of the swap. Its something knitted I found the pattern on a yarn site and adapted it for the season I think its cute. So did Becky, Logan just looked at me like I was weird. Well thats what a teenage boy will do! I will have to get some coffee, coco or tea to go with the package after all it is a Hot Drink theme, and something sweet because that is what makes us happy. There is a apple festive in one of the neighboring towns this weekend maybe I will see something there............

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am so lucky!!!

80% Coopworth 20% Mohair
"Wild Rose"

My sister just sent me the most wonderful birthday present. My sister has been knitting for years and also has a spinning wheel and makes her own yarn. I called her last month to see if she had any yarn and would send it to me. I thought it would amazing to knit something with her yarn. She said she had some in her stash but it was earmarked to make a sweater. She said she had some roving but didn't have the time to spin it. I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me tonight when I got home from work. It was not one but seven skeins of yarn, and a little lamb that she had knitted. I am so excited I can't believe she sent it, I wanted to jump up and down with joy, but I couldn't because it was really late and I would wake up everyone. So Thank You Carol!!! I love it and I can't believe what a great present it is. I believe I will enjoy every stitch, every strand of yarn that passes across my hands while I make my creation.....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hot Mama Apron Swap

I am in another apron swap this one is the Hot Mamas Apron swap -- hot drinks for the fall. I am excited I am in the process of putting it together I went looking for fabric and was not impressed with what I found, so I am looking at other stores for just the right fabric. I will know it when I see it. I have the pattern and am ready I just need to find the fabric. My lady is a coffee lover and I am too so I figure if it makes me say "look at that" I will have found what I am looking for. The deadline is the end of the month so I have some time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Knitted - Seafoam Green Star Afghan

Becky is turning 17 in October so I thought I would make her a lap afghan, she is always cold...Mom made me a lap quilt a few years ago for Christmas and I love the size and it is so beautiful, she inspired me! I found this pattern on Ravelry as a baby blanket. The designer took a German Doily Pattern published in 1912, and adapted it to a afghan. I just kept adding more yarn, kept knitting and came up with this beautiful creation. When you sit if is from your neck draped down to your toes, and it is a circle no corners. I hope she likes it I took it to "A Strand of Purls" my favorite knitting shop so I wouldn't be tempted to give it to her early. Laura the owner has it on display with other items to show the yarns she has for sale. I love going there and know that everyone is happy to see you. I go for the knitting club and whenever I need to escape my life and be with wonderful and kind people, I am continually amazed at how nice everyone is...because it really is hard to find a true friend.

The adventures of Lydia and Lily

As may of you know we have added a new member to team Dellinger Becky got a kitten a in August. She is very funny and I am very grateful Lily likes her I was really worried. Lydia thinks Lily is her sister. Burt says that is about right because Lily is not a dog but more a cat. They play and hang out together all the time. Although I worry that Lydia teases Lily too much and she may snap at her if she doesn't stop jumping on her head. Lily just looks at her like "what are you doing now!!!" It is never boring in our house.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Apron that I got from the Flirty Apron Swap by Shawnee

My dream vacation was to Japan. I would of course have to take Becky with me she could communicate for us. I got a beautiful red, my favorite color apron trimmed with gold. A recipe for Osaka Style Sushi and a pair of place mats and chop sticks, and some Strawberry Pocki which I shared with Becky and Logan. Yum....
So thanks to Paula for all of her creativity with my apron and dream vacation!

The Pop Tart Twins

Here is a funny picture of Becky and Logan. I got some pop tarts for Logan he loves them - and he saw the tattoos and wanted to put them on. Next thing I knew Becky and Logan were all tattooed up. They actually had them on for a few days, some kids from school asked if they were real! I couldn't believe it. Becky says there are a lot of kids at the high school with tattoos - what are they thinking. OK, here they are my pop tart twins........

The Attack of the Mushrooms

It all started with mowing over one mushroom. I never imagined it would expand to the craziness that it did. People are actually slowing down and stopping to look at the yard. I took pictures of them so Becky could use it for a art project, she is in a College Art course. I thought if she painted them in funky colors and designs it would make a great water color. I mowed the lawn again a few days ago and they are back. I actually picked the last batch it filled up a grocery bag and threw them away in the trash. I was trying to stop the spread. Well it is not as bad I didn't take another picture but there are only maybe 10 of them. They are still as big almost as big as a dinner plate but bigger than a dessert plate, crazy. My neighbor drinks his coffee on the front porch in the early morning and said it is really funny to watch peoples reactions to them.......

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My first Apron Swap

I participated in my first Apron Swap, Shawneeh's Flirty Apron Swap mailed the package sliding under the due date. I finished the apron a week or two early and couldn't decide what little presents or recipes I wanted to send with it. I finally found some at the local art museum wrapped it all up and took it to the post office. I can't wait to hear what she thought of it. It was so cute I hated giving it away. I really like making things and giving them to people, it makes me smile inside....