Friday, October 17, 2008

Japaneese Knot Bags

I found a cool pattern on the web I have made 3 bags one for me one for Becky and one for a prize I still need to finish another bag for the other prize it is cut out I just have to sew it together. A Strand of Purls, my favorite yarn shop is having a Halloween get party, I have to work so I wont be there. It is the last day of my training so its OK. I use my bag for a knitting bag Becky wants to use hers for a purse. The bag was easy to do once I figured it out. As par with me I didn't follow the directions the first time and confused myself a lot. Seam rippers are a great thing. I think sewing for 35 plus years sometimes hurt me......... well anyway here they are, I think they are cute! The web address for the pattern and directions is ( I was thinking about enlarging the pattern to make a bigger bag I will have to try that later.

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